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The Flash – Episode 21 | Grodd Lives — 11 May, 2015

The Flash – Episode 21 | Grodd Lives

Trust, Identity, & the Formation of Team Flash

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Iris: So you think The Flash is out there right now, searching for Eddie?
Barry: I’m sure he’s doing everything he can to find him.
Iris: Yeah, well, I’m finding it pretty hard to trust The Flash right now.
Barry: Well, then, trust me.


Barry: I’m gonna get Eddie back, I swear.
Iris: Yeah, The Flash said the same thing.

“Grodd Lives” begins with a question about trust. After finding out Barry is The Flash Iris opens the episode with her own voiceover, her second of the season, where she asks us to imagine that our best friend has been keeping “a universe of secrets” from us. She invites us to empathize with her, invites us to understand the world of The Flash from her point of view.

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Article: Consent and Lack Thereof: More Than Just a Two-Letter Word — 29 April, 2015

Article: Consent and Lack Thereof: More Than Just a Two-Letter Word

Repeat after me, folks: Just because someone doesn’t explicitly say ‘no’, just because someone might have shown previous attraction or interest, just because someone doesn’t struggle or protest or push the other person away, and just because you think that that person has feelings for the other, does not mean that they have given consent. Sometimes it’s more subtle. Sometimes it’s the little indications, sometimes the person doesn’t know how to react—but the discomfort, the unwillingness, the violation of boundaries is still there, and subsequently, the consent is still is not. Which, apparently, is something that some people still don’t seem to understand, and something deeply unsettling that after episode 19, I have unfortunately been seeing a lot of. I think that some people are being willfully ignorant here, but I generally try to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I would mostly like to believe that a lot of people who are romanticizing the interaction that I’m referring to genuinely don’t get it. So, I’m going to try to explain, because it is important, no matter how many times I hear people insist that “it’s not that serious.”

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Article: Whose Secret Is It, Anyway? — 21 April, 2015

Article: Whose Secret Is It, Anyway?

Enough blog posts have been written about the Flash’s problematic handling of the secret in regards to Iris (and only Iris at this point) to fill a book. I’m not going to write another one – at least, that won’t be the focus of this article. Instead, I want to focus on how Flash handles the secret, how it has utilized this trope differently than other shows and backed themselves into a corner in doing so, and who has the right to decide whether to either keep the secret or to disclose it.

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Article: On Secret Keeping and Lying in the Flash — 20 April, 2015