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The Flash – Episode 21 | Grodd Lives — 11 May, 2015

The Flash – Episode 21 | Grodd Lives

Trust, Identity, & the Formation of Team Flash

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Iris: So you think The Flash is out there right now, searching for Eddie?
Barry: I’m sure he’s doing everything he can to find him.
Iris: Yeah, well, I’m finding it pretty hard to trust The Flash right now.
Barry: Well, then, trust me.


Barry: I’m gonna get Eddie back, I swear.
Iris: Yeah, The Flash said the same thing.

“Grodd Lives” begins with a question about trust. After finding out Barry is The Flash Iris opens the episode with her own voiceover, her second of the season, where she asks us to imagine that our best friend has been keeping “a universe of secrets” from us. She invites us to empathize with her, invites us to understand the world of The Flash from her point of view.

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Review: “All-Star Team Up” Fails to Fully Deliver — 21 April, 2015

Review: “All-Star Team Up” Fails to Fully Deliver

“Oh. You’re watching this episode again? Eh…I’ll be in the other room.” – My husband, a casual Flash fan, pretty much summing up the quality of this episode.

When it comes to the shared universe of Arrow and The Flash, the fandom is somewhat divided. Some people love the idea of multiple crossovers. Others want everyone to stay on their respective shows.

I’m a little more in the middle. I’ve only seen a handful of Arrow episodes, so I probably get less out of the crossovers than fans of both shows do. That said, I love the idea of crossing characters over – when there’s a good reason. When it makes sense. When it’s an Event.

This episode was less an event than a prolonged treading of water, an unnecessary hour of mostly filler. I wouldn’t call it the worst episode of the show to date (although I haven’t entirely decided it isn’t), but it was a baffling waste of a crossover. So let’s get this recap underway.

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